We offer expertise in designing taylor-made prototypes, tools and machines

Martin Duchene: R&D Designer
Maxime Gravet: R&D Engineer
Roldan Descamps: Finances & Strategy

We can help you if :

  • you need a specific process to transform matter ;
  • you want to prototype a product and iterate quickly ;
  • you need guidance on a project involving design or engineering ;
  • you want to deploy circular economy within your company and need technical and/or financial assistance ;

Why we are the right fit for your needs :

  • we have years of experience in designing tailor-made solutions for entrepreneurs, artists and public services ;
  • we have a highly qualified pluridisciplinary team, with expertise in technical, creative and financial fields ;

We help organizations to spread knowledge about open technologies

We are on a mission to spark people’s interest in engineering and design, with a strong purpose of inspiring students, reducing the gender gap in these fields and raising general awareness through :

  • lectures where we explore topics such as new technologies and their influence on society, hacking, open source, social design, etc.
  • workshops where we teach different manufacturing and artistic techniques linked to our open source tools. We make sure that our participants leave with the tool they built during the workshop, along with all the necessary knowledge to start using it.
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