Lecture: Portraits with Words

  • 24th January 2013 at 8:00 pm
  • MicroMarché
Free Entry

Take your agenda’s and mark 24th of january.

Why? Because then is the public opening of my first photo exibition in real life.

The concept of the lecture is portraits with words.

The raison why is that you will see a lot of portrats that evening, but we also want to make new portraits of people from the South. Not with a digital camera this time, but with words. We will do real life interviews with people from the south who live in our beautifull capital.

08.00pm: general introduction by the photographer Willemjan Vandenplas

08.15 – 21.30: Portraits with words


-Pieter Stockmans: ? Portrait with words about Amal
-Ali Selvi (FOS): Socio-economic problems in the West Bank
-Ashraf Aymaan: His life in Nablus
-Ellen Verryt (Worldsolidarity): The need to organize people
-Colombian trade Unionist: His life in Colombia

09.30 PM: Photo Exibition in the Via Via café

Everybody welcome,

Hope to see you all,